Richards Wedding

Brandon and Kelsey got married on a steamy July afternoon in Conroe, Texas. I convinced them to do a first look and it was such a great time together before the ceremony. Brandon and I lived together for a year, and I have known Kelsey since high school (the definition of small world), and they had such a fun wedding with so many people who loved them! 

Goffion Wedding

Darrel is one of my best friends ever, and Kim made for a stunning bride. So, even when rain comes down hard as the ceremony is supposed to start and I am juggling being best man and shooting the wedding with Deborah, it still goes off wonderfully! They got married in Austin at this amazing wedding chapel over looking the valley, which was owned by the Wizard Academy of Business. That is the real name of a real place. 

THE Gregory-Graffs

Ian and Allison will always be a memorable wedding for a multitude of reasons, but namely, they are the first couple to hire me as a destination photographer! Meaning, when they got married at this amazing French- Acadian reenactment village in Louisiana, I drove up with my great friend/ photo assistant Kevin to shoot their big day! 

Rob and Mariah 

I have known Rob and Mariah a long time. Mariah and I went to Greece my freshman year of college on a missions trip, Rob and I have been in the same circle of friends for just as long. I shot their engagements a few months ago, and was so excited when they asked me to shoot their wedding! This couple is so easy going and fun loving, and their wedding day was filled of little moments like this with everyone they love. 

Also, Aubrie Walker helped me co shoot this wedding! She does not have a website for me to link to, but trust me, she is an awesome photographer and better friend. 

Chisum Wedding

Sometimes things align just perfectly to allow you to meet a stranger on campus, and the next thing you know, you're photographing their wedding! Ruth and Josh got married in this incredible Presbyterian church in Huntsville, Tx, and I had a great time getting to know them and shooting their big day. 

Patsis Wedding

Moen Wedding

Finally here! Isaac and Krystal are some of my dearest friends, and I had the honor of shooting their wedding on a foggy Sunday in January! Also, my lovely and talented girlfriend Deborah helped as my second shooter! Despite the threat of rain, the day was beautiful and the wedding went off without a hitch! Take a gander at these love birds!